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Home of Data, Oulu – Rusko Site

Oulu welcomes new data center investors and operators to the Capital of Northern Scandinavia! We offer “one stop shop” service to help, support and advice your unique data center kick-off from investment phase to ramp-up. We have a strong community support for data centers: all the preliminary plans have been accepted by the key authorities and we have an investment grant package to offer. Our approachable project staff is ready and eager to help you! Oulu is one of the leading centers of wireless technology in the world, a startup generator and a university town, with skilled and dedicated workforce and an effective supplier ecosystem ready to serve the forthcoming data centers. Power grid in the Oulu region has been built to support mission critical industries e.g. paper mills, and provides renewable hydropower that can scale up to any data center demand. Our local power supplier Oulun Energia provides smart energy services and reliable green power to companies at a competitive price and is a key partner in Home of Data -project.

Rusko site technical details

Regulatory readiness

Zoning readiness

Zoning ready for data center use

Notes on investment regulatory readiness

Rusko site is a large industrial district within Oulu with no need for special permit process for datacenters.

Site area, environment, planning and permitting

Building right / [m2]

200 000.00

Site area / [m2]

670 000.00

Site area can be extended up to / [m2]

1 000 000.00

Notes on site size and building permit

Site size is expandable

Pre-approval of construction and environment permits, fire and rescue plan

Plans pre-approved by all authorities

Site shape


Greenfield site specifics

Type of ground

Moraine and silty sand / silty clay

Levelling of plot

Plot is partly construction ready / levelled

Layout plan of datacenter building(s)

Preliminary plan exits

Control of hazard

Natural risks

No major hazards. The bedrock in Finland is stable, and the possibility for any large-scale movements inside the bedrock is minimal. Risk of forest fires in the region is investigated as well as Rusko area flood risks.

Safety, security and accessibility

Current access to the site

Two or more roads

Emergency vehicle accessibility

Access is available.

Distance to nearest international airport / [km]


Distance to nearest fire & rescue station / [km]


Distance to nearest police station / [km]


Distance to nearest hospital or health care center / [km]


Electrical power supply

What is needed to realize total power supply?

1,4km 110kV line from Leväsuo power station. 110kV/10kV or 110kV/20kV power station to be built to the site. Preliminary design is available.

Lead time for total power supply to the site / [months]


Redundancy power availability

Available (same as total main power feed)

Arrangement of redundancy power

Similar electricity supply will be built as a main power feed.

Distance to 10 kv power connection point / [km]


Distance to 20 kv power connection point / [km]


Distance to 110 kv power connection point / [km]


Distance to redundancy power connection point / [km]


Distance to local grid substation, 110 kv / [km]


Distance to national grid substation, 400 kv / 110 kv / [km]


First phase power supply

First phase electricity power supply (in 18 months or sooner)

11-20 MW

First phase power supply to the site

0 - 18 months

First phase electrical feed to the site

20 kV

First phase redundancy power availability

Available (same as first phase main power feed)

General power supply information

Notes on power supply

500+ MW of hydro power available from the power plants in river Oulu. Oulun Energia hydroelectric generation capacity is 75 MW, and electricity production capacity is approximately 340 GWh in average flow conditions.

10+ MW of wind power readily available within Oulu region.

Schedule from order to full capacity 12 months.

Local green energy


Details on local green energy (suppliers)

Oulun Energia,

The group operates across the entire value chain of the energy sector:

  • Production of raw materials
  • Generation of heat and electricity
  • Power sales and distribution
  • Services including smart energy services, network management, subcontracting and maintenance
Operational specification: connectivity

Distance to optical fiber infrastructure / [km]

Distance to optical fiber infrastructure / [miles]


Amount of diverse connections

3 or more

Connectivity supplier(s) to provide diverse connectivity


Dark fiber on the site

Dark fiber available

Lead time for minimum of two connections / [months]


Distances to local internet exchange points (ix) in finland

Finnish internet exchange, FICIX3 hub located 8 km from the site, in Oulu city center

Describe different cable routes from the site to key directions in and from finland

Three different route options to the site available. Lead time fir al of them three months. FICIX3 located at City of Oulu, distance to the site about 8km.

Notes on fiber connectivity

Dark fiber available from selected operators.

Operational specification: utilities

Commitment of local utility companies

Ongoing planning and investment readiness exists

Water utilities on site

Potable water supply available

District heating network

District heating available

Distance to district heating network / [km]


Natural gas availability on site

Not available

Notes on (liquid) natural gas

Tornio LNG terminal will be opened 2018. LNG delivery possible when terminal ready

Alternatives of waste heat recovery and reuse

Opportunities to utilize waste heat

District heat produced by Oulun Energia heats approximately 75 % of homes in Oulu. District heating system is  Key Flag certified.

  • The district heat network covers downtown of Oulu and the districts of Haukipudas, Oulunsalo and Kiiminki.
  • The network of approximately 9,600 customers provides heating for almost 148,000 individuals.
  • Oulun Energia also supplies wholesale district heat to the nearby town of Kempele.
  • In 2014, the network was extended by approximately 21 km.
  • District heat since 1969.

Distance to delivery point / [km]


Local ecosystem to support in construction and operation

Notes on local ecosystem

Oulu has strong R&D ecosystem is the solution to all-round of business needs including consruction and operation.

The industries are the most prominent private employers in the Oulu region, companies in the industry employ 12,500 people, creating strong business and actors.

  • Collusion technology/customers, (including reverse pitching)
  • New participant Social and health sector ja financing ICT
  • 5G, Big data and industrial Internet to support other ecosystems

Availability of skilled laborforce

Oulu is an university town with two technical universities, hosting world leading high-tech companies e.g. Nokia, Mediatek, TI & ABB among others. All this provides not only vast amount of available skilled IT workforce, but also the supplier ecosystem ready for supporting the datacenters in the region.

Contact information

Person(s) responsible for provided information

Tommi Kiviniemi, Project Manager, Oulun Energia Oy

Kasarmintie 6, PL 116, 90101 Oulu

Tel. +358 50 4855652


For lease

For sale

Site address

Ruskonseläntie, 90630 Oulu, Finland


65.05657, 25.579605