Oulu - in the center
of investments

Oulu is the most significant center for business, culture and education in Northern Scandinavia.

Based on the average age of its inhabitants, Oulu is one of the youngest cities in Europe. The vital city is well known for its intelligence. Up to 2.6 billion people use technologies developed in Oulu on a daily basis and now the city is concentrating on the development of 5G network.

Oulu is growing fast. The growth is accelerated by the spectacular increase in business in the region: In 2015 the amount of income tax collected in Oulu increased the most in proportion (+ 3.5%) in comparison to other Finnish cities. Fifteen latest foreign companies to have established in Oulu invest more than €100 M in the region annually. In addition, the largest investment in Europe is taking place near Oulu, at Pyhäjoki.