Data Center – Rusko site key parameters

Site & Location

  • RUSKO (65.05657, 25.579605)
  • Greenfield, 67 hectares buildable area. Owned by city of Oulu.
  • Industrial zone, logistics hub & light industry area.
  • Suitable and ready for datacenter construction.
  • 6km from city center, 19km from airport.


  • 500+ MW of green energy available instantly from hydroelectric plants
  • 150MW+, proximity to Fingrid substation.
  • 99,9998% reliability can be guaranteed through Fingrid Leväsuo access (multiple 110kV feeds).
  • Existing Oulun Energia power network to site, up to 20MW available as of today from the grid.

Cooling & Water

  • Free air cooling opportunity 12 months / year.
  • Dedicated pipeline access to river Oulu.
    Redundancy through district water pipeline access.
  • Option for waste heat recapture & re-use in district heating network


  • Oulu FICIX hub provides redundant access with 100G+ connectivity from 5 different operators.
  • 3 separate physical fiber routes from site to major
    EMEA cities, e.g. Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris

Time frame

  • Industrial zone, lot owned by city of Oulu -> fast & guaranteed ramp-up.
  • Infrastructure existing to adjacent lot.
  • Environmental permitting not needed
  • Zoning ready for data center use
  • A strong community support for data centers and investment grant package to offer.

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