Kalevala Park

Kalevala Park implements the epic experience environment and so enables you to escape to the World of Kalevala, land of the Nordic myths and stories of heroes.

Kalevala has inspired hundreds of thousands of adults and children, e.g. J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Kalevala Park initially consists of three operational areas.

Kalevala Village is a middle age themed area including an event square, theme restaurants, souvenir shops and indoor ride premises. Ilmarinen’s Smithy area provides high value themed amusement rides. For example a roller coaster that has been selected the coaster of the year in Europe.

Kalevala World is a high standard themed adventure area.

The growth plan includes the implementation of the Land of Pohjola that will be a theme park area including new theme rides.

For investors

Total investment is €15 M in phase 1. Equity need is €6 M. The target visitor amount is 200,000 for the first year. It will make ~€6 M revenue. The project has a possibility to get investment funds from the state of Finland and the EU. The project will provide a good return of equity and solid exit opportunity to the investors.

Project time frame

Zoning plan is ready and at the moment under appeal.

Commercial and Leisure Projects

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