Laanila Biorefinery Park

Significant chemical industry integrate with access to sustainable raw-materials and synergies for Biorefinery Investments.

Laanila Biorefinery Park offers an unique production environment for wide range of bio based products ranging from biofuels, bio chemicals and dissolving wood pulp to higher added-value end-products.

Laanila Biorefinery Park offers available site with an access to process chemicals, steam and energy and opportunity for joint sourcing of wood raw material, logistics, maintenance and HSEQ. Exiting production in the area includes formic acid, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, sulphuric acid, nitrogen and air gas as well as high pressure steam, heat and electricity form combined heat and power plant, also access to cooling water.

On top of this area around Laanila Biorefinery Park has largest sustainable logging potential in Finland (7,6 Million m3)

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