Nallikari 2020 high-quality seaside resort

100 million euro investment opportunity – Nallikari resort has superb possibilities for developing and diversifying tourism, training and education, sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

Nallikari Resort is a beautiful seaside location, 3km from the city center, with beach, restaurant, wide range of outdoor and recreational services, and a variety of events around the year. New city plan boosts Nallikari resort’s attractiveness in tourism by enabling new services and functions, and ensuring effortless accessibility with different modes of transport.

New city plan of Nallikari area includes 95 hectares with a total building area of 75,000 m2.

  • Amusement Park (opportunity for investors / partners)
    • Total area ~6 ha, new building permit 6000 sqm,
    • Investment size 15M€+
  • Conference facilities and services (opportunity for investors / operators)
    • Building permit 8000 sqm for travel services
    • Investment size 20M€
  • Holiday apartments, restaurant, leisure services (opportunity for investors / operators)
    • Building permit 8500 sqm
    • Investment size ~20M€
  • Spa Hotel and Chalets; owner Capman, operator Sokotel Oy
    • Building permit 10 000 sqm
    • More information: Pirjo Ojanperä, Capman
  • New holiday accommodation
    • Building permit 2500 sqm
    • More information: Toni Lehkonen, SOK


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