Every day 2,6 billion people use ICT technology developed in Oulu.

With 50 years’ experience Oulu is the world leader in information and communication technologies and related operations. In the recent years, the ecosystem of the technology industry of Oulu has changed into a hub of tens of global product development units.

By combining expertise in wireless know-how to different sectors, like health and life science technologies, smart ICT solutions are introduced in order to deliver advanced, personalized and connected services for all business sectors. Oulu’s strengths and know-how are clearly visible in numerous products available on the international markets, such as in-car media systems and accessories, a variety of smart devices, printed colour changing surfaces, not to mention Oulu’s solutions for the financial sector, which are regularly used by millions of people all over the world. Also the indoor positioning technology that was considered challenging and rare is accessible today by means of many innovations developed right in this city.

Oulu’s ecosystems for new technologies and practical cooperation between companies, research organizations, universities, and the public sector are being continuously developed. The University of Oulu has started to make headway in 6G development. – You can come to Oulu with an idea and leave with a finished product in hand – we have all the know-how you’ll ever need to productize, fund, test, and commercialize your innovation.

This is what we have got to boost your business:

  • State of the art know-how in digitalization
  • 50 years’ expertise in wireless technology
  • Versatile innovation platforms and living labs
  • Open 5G test network for realistic testing
  • Agile product development process
  • Vibrant city with educated, young people