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Oulu is located in the middle of major Arctic European cleantech and industrial investments.

Strong industries in the Oulu region include metal, construction, food and chemical industries. The largest single investment is the Fennovoima nuclear power plant in Hanhikivenniemi, Pyhäjoki.

ICT expertise of the area is utilized in cleantech applications, including smart energy, resource efficiency and emission control solutions. Oulu region is also the most significant hub of wind power construction in Finland.

Environmental technology is one of the most rapidly growing industries on a global scale. Cleantech products from Oulu are used all over the world: for purifying exhaust fumes in Hong Kong and cleaning wastewaters in European beach resorts, for smart lighting solutions at gas stations in Finland, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Hungary and for generating green energy in France.

The utilization of wireless technology in particular enables the creation of completely new applications. In addition to companies, the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences also invest heavily in R&D work in the cleantech industry.

Cleaner water and air

Companies specialized in water treatment competence offer advanced technology, devices, software and consulting to their customers. They help to clean the water, monitor its level and quality, and optimize the function of water treatment processes.

Smart energy

In Oulu, we develop and produce the automation, control, and monitoring systems for industry and residential use. Energy efficiency is attracting interest everywhere. The strong prefabricated home industry in Oulu has dealt with this demand by increasing the share of low-energy homes in their production.

Tools for distributed energy production

The cleantech industry in Oulu is prepared to seize the business opportunities created by the change in energy production structure. The companies in the field include experts of both renewable energy and intelligent electric networks. Both are needed in order to implement the distributed energy production system in practice.

Material and Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the supply chain can be increased in many ways. The cleantech competence in Oulu offers several solutions for this. One of these is a new way of harvesting nickel, cobalt, iron, and copper from spent batteries. The method is eco-friendly and offers an opportunity to produce metals much more efficiently than the traditional way. Another example is a solution that significantly increases the recycling of electrical and electronic waste.

The City of Oulu promotes cleantech

Over 90 per cent of houses built in the Oulu region are already low-energy houses. The target is that by 2020 all new-build houses will be also carbon neutral.

The City of Oulu wants to promote sustainable growth and operate in an environmentally-friendly way. The city-owned energy company produces combined electricity and heat, which is more efficient and eco-friendly. In 2012, 90 per cent of the city’s residents benefitted from the district heating system.

There is an intense cooperation between multinational and SME and micro companies as well as education, research and municipal organizations. As a result of this cooperation numerous cleantech innovations are born.

In the Oulu reagion, there are a number of extensive renewable energy projects, such as large wind farms, being developed.