Life Science

Health & life science in Oulu connects disciplines from medical technology, e-health, bio and wellness sectors.

Oulu is perceived as one of the most innovative cities and a leader in health technology. The health and life science business and infrastructure are continuously growing here. There are about 540 companies in this sector, and at least 240 of them are hi-tech companies. They offer world-class expertise, introduce innovative solutions to global challenges in health care and aim at expanding to international markets, with export turnover increasing by 32% in the past six years.

Examples of innovations developed in Oulu include, for example, the world’s leading brand of heart rate monitors, products for faster development and scaling of biotech production processes, a device for ear infection care, next generation hand-held cameras for fundus imaging, world´s smallest fully featured micromanipulator for medical research and microinjections, a selection of diagnostic tests, real-time online methods for improving food safety at point of production in food processing plants and many other.

The future will see continuous development in the health and life science sector, especially in relation to patient self-diagnosis and self- measurements, 5G-technology, robotics, remote communication, medical technology, digitization, printed and artificial intelligence.

Health companies focus on prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as on improving population health by introducing novel solutions to the healthcare sector.

OuluHealth – merging health, life science and technology into innovation

The OuluHealth ecosystem brings this idea forward by developing a shared strategy between health providers, such as Oulu University Hospital, research institutes, for example, the Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), scientists, industry partners, and the City of Oulu.

The ecosystem stakeholders support introducing new solutions, creating health-tech business opportunities, and delivering more effective healthcare services for the benefit of citizens.

Unique test environment

The ecosystem’s most significant component is the OuluHealth Labs, a one-of-a-kind test and development environment that provides healthcare professionals as well as companies with a unique opportunity to test products, services or procedures under authentic conditions, with genuine users.

The 5G network that has been tested in the OYS TestLab enables a whole range of huge possibilities in terms of health care. This includes tremendous advancement in imaging, diagnostics, data analytics, and treatment. Additionally, companies have been utilising open interfaces to work on integration of different patient data management systems.

The results achieved in testing pave the way for creating the platform upon which future healthcare is being built and developed.