Number 1 in
quality of life

People living in Oulu are among the happiest in the quality of their lives*. Oulu has it all: urban scene, vivid culture and amazing natural wonders.

The cost level of living in Oulu is the lowest of the six big cities in Finland. Average residences in Oulu are more spacious and still most workers in Oulu area have less than 30 min distance to their working place.

The cultural scene of Oulu is strong and diverse. Over 3,000 different sport, culture or business events are organized in Oulu yearly. Oulu has one of the world’s northernmost symphony orchestras, its own theater and a science center. Oulu is known around the world by its original events like Air Guitar World Championships and Polar Bear Pitching.

And then there is the nature, famous for its purity. River and sea, mountains and forests. Nature is always easy to reach when living in Oulu. Vastly different four seasons make natural wonders even more versatile.

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* European commission, Quality of Life in European Cities 2015.