What’s ticking
in Oulu?

Oulu is the fastest growing region of Arctic Europe. The population of Oulu is one of the youngest in Europe, average age is only 38 years. Of Oulu’s 250,000 residents, every third has a university degree and inhabitants are the most satisfied with their quality of life in the whole Nordic region. Oulu has two established universities. Globally Oulu is best known for its expertise in ICT.

Forerunner in 5G technology

About 60% of the world’s mobile phone traffic utilizes network technologies that have been developed in Oulu. And there’s no end to it; 5G will most certainly be the next chapter in Oulu’s wireless wonder story. There is already a 5G test network running at University of Oulu. The test network is open for R&D projects to be tested and future business models to be created. A 5G Innovation Challenge was also organized in Oulu that gained worldwide recognition.

OuluHealth Labs for testing

Oulu has the world’s first living lab – testing environment inside hospital premises, that contains hospital planning possibilities, technology testing and 5G test network inside the hospital. At OuluHealth Labs development environment you can even get feedback from professionals on every phase of your R&D process. Only Oulu can offer this: developing products and services in a real-life environment with end users.

International Game Campus

In the wake of the success of their very first game, Hill Climb Racing, Fingersoft is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Finland. Fingersoft is stepping things up by creating an international game campus in the Oulu city center in collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Oulu has the developers, companies, co-operation networks and education – everything a proper game needs.

Internet of things

One of Oulu’s developing fields of technology is the Internet of Things, or “IoT” in short. Instead of people, all devices and products will be connected to each other through the internet.

In the end, connected ”things” will make the world smarter and life easier, as everything is more predictable and certain processes can be automated. In this growing sector of ICT there are already many experienced players situated in Oulu: Siili Solutions, Haltian, and Tieto, just to name a few of them.